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global Exports

Two programs

Export Rewards Shipping Program

Earn Up to 200% over 365 days. (initial purchase amount is included in daily earnings) Purchase $50.00 Export units, for as low as $20.00
100% Token Buy Back Bonus: 
Unit purchases include $25 worth of complimentary Trade tokens, that can be cashed in through the token buy back program pushing earnings up to 300%
Unit Bulk Buy: 
Can increase earnings by an additional 50% 

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Chess Rewards Sales Program

A One time $125.00 purchase, you can earn mulitple and unlimited sales cycle bonuses, of $2540.00 
Build a Global Sales Team, With A unique world-first affiliate program, using a totally redesigned 2 x 3 matrix, sales tracking system, modelled on the game of chess. The community sales system supports everyone, even if your sales are slow, earn through Token buy back, and community placed sales that support you while your getting started.

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1. export rewards

⇒ Discover how to set up an export earnings account and create a secure leveraged income structure that can earn you up to 350% pa. 

⇒ Leverage your time & Money by creating additional income streams that can expand & grow whilst your busy with other day to day activities.

⇒ Technology advancements now allow individuals to profit from Import / Export micro shipments, through our international program.

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2. Chess Rewards Program

◊ Today’s Sales system softwares have advanced leaps and bounds in
 the last decade, the traditional style network marketing plans are
 being replaced with more lucrative user friendly programs.

◊ The new generation of commission sales plans and are being offered
 in unique formats such as whats come to be known as gamafication 
 or softwares & social networking modelled on games.

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