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Here's What You Can Expect

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    Operate A Global Trading Business Online

    "This is the starting point of our long term business relationship"

As part of your business setup fee we facilitate the opening of your international trading account in which your trading business can accept payments.

  • Make Deposits
  • Make Withdrawls
  • Make Transfers
  • Accept China Union Pay
  • Link Local Bank Account
  • Issue MasterCards

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    Company Owned Product Brands

    "It can be an upsetting experience to find your brand is not ours"

As experienced Traders ourselves, we treat your Brand's protection as paramount and it is from this position we commence consulting to your business.

  • Local sales representation
  • Asia & Sub-continent markets
  • Wholesale & retail trades
  • Member direct retail sales
  • Export sales to chain retialers
  • Company light manufacturing

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    Company Profile for International Promotion

    "If prospective customers don't know you, they won't trust or buy"

As a major point of difference, we have local market sales support to our retail customers with enhanced direct sales to profiled members.


  • Marketing our own brands
  • In-house IT development
  • Advanced Mobile Commerce
  • Fully certified products
  • White label & OEM services
  • Smart Loyalty Programs

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    Traditional Exports -v- Drop Shipping

    "Both Exporting and Online Direct Sales have unique issues"

Our trade exports include both wholesale sea and air container distribution and membership based retail drop shipping services.

  • Wholesale customer sales
  • Retail drop shipping
  • Member discounts & rewards
  • Non-cash Payment System
  • Our Member debit cards
  • Financial Service revenues

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    Our Commitment to Our Company's Sales

    "We are a Group Marketing & Smart Loyalty Company"

From Hong Kong, US and Australian export bases we market into Asia and the Sub-continent through Free Trade Agreements.

  • We are Commodity Traders
  • We Know Asia & India
  • We Network Globally
  • We Are Your Buyer
  • We Are Your Seller
  • You Are A Virtual Trader


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Hop2it Leaders Club

Members Only

Hop2it contracts global Leaders who make their business from the referral of new members who in turn purchase high quality products. Our Leaders Club website provides a platform for us to host the most elite of Hop2it's trading members - Our Black Opal Leaders!

Our Export & Sales Experience

Our company was incorporated in 2013 in Hong Kong and we have for this time manufactured and traded in food orientated commodities. We have significant experience to assist with the entry to trading with FTA countries.


Multi-currency Payments

Although our Hong Kong based food manufacture and trading company is young, our senior management have fifty years collective experience in e-commerce and mobile payments, group marketing and smart loyalty programs.


High Quality Food To Asia

Hop2it is also a Trader. Since 2012 we have participated in the development and supply of high quality Dairy products, especially Infant Formula we supply from Australia, the US, South America and Europe.


A Summary of Our Products and Services

  • Regular Updates

    Listed Members receive regular trading updates.

  • International Team

    Our Team are from Australia, the USA and Europe.

  • Trading Community

    You are joining a community of professional Traders.

  • Contact & Support

    We assist you with export and drop shipping sales.

  • Mobile Payments

    Experts in m-commerce and multi-currency payments.

  • Knowledge Base

    Access our Trading knowledge base to increase your sales.

  • Lightning Speed

    We are reactive and operate quickly on your behalf.

  • 100% Top Rated

    Our unique services use acclaimed technology.

Food Manufacturing Sectors We Support

We supply of the highest quality Infant Formula and Adult Instant Milk Powder. Our Suppliers come from Australia, the USA, and Europe from where we supply our Chinese and other Asian customers.

Dairy Industry
Dairy Industry Infant & Adult Powdered Products

We are experienced in the export of high quality seafood and specialised meat products by traditional sea and air transport. Product comes from Australia, New Zealand and the USA for FTA Asian markets.

Seafood Poultry Meat & Game
Seafood Poultry Meat & Game Frozen & Fresh Meat Exports to Asia and Sub-continent

We facilitate the sale of locally manufactured dry food products for traditional export as well as drop sale into Free Trading markets in Asia and the Sub-continent to retail chains and private customers.

Dry Goods & Speciality Products
Dry Goods & Speciality Products Dry Food and Specialised Goods

Products are sought to supply Asian, sub-continent and middle eastern markets with organic and non organic wellness and personal care products for Free Trading Partner country markets.

Wellness & Personal Products
Wellness & Personal Products "Organic and other wellness, skincare and cosmetic products"

Our Global Internet Presence









100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hop2it Limited offers a 100% money back guarantee on Listing, Profiling, Export and international Sales and Marketing Services (this excludes any posting or upgrade fees you''ve paid to the company when you launch your international Free Trading Agreement export or drop shipping project).

Hop2it offers a range of sales, marketing loyalty products. We will gladly replace or refund your money if our product or services are found to be defective. We cannot, however, refund the purchase membership price of these items based on personal aspirations or preferences.


No More Sitting On The Fence

Business Info

Hop2it Limited - No. 1869979

Level 15, Langhan Twr, 8 Argyle Place

Mong Kok, Kowloon Hong Kong


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    How Long Has Hop2it Been Trading?

A.    Hop2it was incorporated in 2013 as an extension of the trading and light manufacturing that the Founders were involved within in Australia and the United States.

Q.   What Exact Experience Does Hop2it Have?

A.   Hop2it's Team have over 50 collective years experience in e-commerce, mobile payment systems, group marketing and smart loyalty dating back to the launch of the world-wide-web (www or the internet) in 1995 and before. Since 2008 when the Chinese experienced a poisoning scare with Infant formula, the Founders turned their attention to online trading in Asia and the Sub-continent where new Free Trade Agreements (FTA's) were being discussed and signed between countries Soon after the Group became involved in light manufacturing of extrusion mounded products which led to food commodity trading by 2012 to which the Founders applied their technology and significant experience.

Q.   Where Is Hop2it Represented and By Whom?

A.   Hop2it has its head office in Hong Kong (see address on Contact Us sections of all Hop2it web sites) to take advantage of the close proximity to Asian markets. The Founders of Hop2it are American, Australian and Irish citizens. Hop2it's Team representing the company day-by-day is made up of local Regional Managers and Representatives in Canada, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland and more recently we have gained a European member to the Team. A number of the Team have been with the Group since 2002 and bring with them significant sales and marketing skills, now re-honed into the skill set of international trading and customer services as applied to our manufacturing customers that we call Trading Partners - You! We are continuously recruiting and training to our high standards, new Representatives and Affiliates to provide us with global market penetration and enough manufacturers to satisfy the insatiable Asian markets we specialise in servicing for you.

Q.   Where Does Hop2it Source Manufacturers and Product?

A.   Currently there is much interest from Asian markets for "clean green" products that have been produced from countries that have strict manufacturing guidelines, especially where food is concerned and in contrast with, in most part, the lax food manufacturing, processing and labelling laws that pertain to some countries in Asia and Sub-continent. This situation also applied to countries in Africa and South America. Currently, Hop2it has concentrated its commercial activities in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland and Canada.

Q.   Why Would We Need Hop2it's Services?

A.   There are many new Free Trading Agreements in motion or that have been executed between countries. The Asian markets are very fickle and suspicious of products and especially new brands that are uncommon or new to their markets. We call this "Product Authenticity" and without such, any company regardless of how well know the brand in the West, may struggle in markets such as China. This is but one important reason and service that Hop2it can provide amongst the many including:-

  • List you company with our Trading Partners in Asia
  • Authenticate and protect your brand
  • Evaluate your export capability against market demand
  • Evaluate your Drop Shipping capability and install processes
  • Sell directly to Hop2it's Trading Members
  • Accept Payments from 33 currencies back to your home currency
  • Accept China Union Pay transactions direct to your Trading Account
  • Let Hop2it refer new sales and marketing opportunities world-wide

Q.   What Is Expected Of My Company?

A.   As part of your Trading Membership, we will require you to Validate your Trading Account and complete it set up as if you were opening a new bank account, because it is one. In addition we will expect you to provide us with corporate information about your company, its history and your brand/s. This information gathering is not only to list your company correctly but to Profile your business and brands to assist us to provide the mission critical Product Authenticity required to enter Asian markets. We will also expect you to "help us to help you" where sales and marketing of your product is concerned.

Q.   What Are My Fees For?

A.   We have a number of  fees and charges from your time of Listing to Profiling and Brand Authenticity. These fees relate to our costs and disbursements in facilitating your membership, conducting searches, providing reports and advice, providing immediate brand protection where required and developing long-term strategies for different FTA markets. Assisting with export and drop shipping advice and providing initial services for the same. You should consider our fees and charges as an extension of your tax deductible Advertising Budget and our company as an electronic consultancy.