Our Export & Sales Experience

Since 2010 We Have Been Active In The Manufacture and Exporting High Quality Food and General Products

As professional Traders () we developed a business network of high quality food manufacturers and processors. Our export and drop shipping experience saw that many SME's needed assistance to overcome many of the lessons we had already learned so we expanded our business into education, sales, marketing and international payments system. We have the skills and experience to assist you increase your sales with safety.

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  • We Market Directly Into Free Trade Agreement Countries
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What We Can We Do In The Export Space

We still specialise in the sourcing and export of the highest quality Australian and international  Seafood, Poultry, Meat and Wild Australian Game.

Australian Domestic Market

Through strategic and long-lasting relationships we have built an ever-increasing network of trusted suppliers throughout Australia. By utilising our domestic supply network, dependable transport providers and our company's skilled traders we ensure that all of our clients receive the highest quality products at the right price at the right time.

International Market

Australia and the USA have world-class standards in meat quality and sets global industry benchmarks in the exporting of meats. These Government overseen processes ensure that no meat can leave Australia and the US without inspection, accreditation and certification. We have full confidence in our trusted supply chain and we are continually expanding our importing and exporting capabilities and reach.

Trading Services

Our skilled trading and support team take pride in their integrity, consistency, flexibility and trust. We listen to our clients and continually strive to provide solutions with an unbeatable customer experience. We use our trusted and valued network, market intelligence and follow the latest trends to supply our clients with the right product solutions.

From processing and packaging to freight preparation we provide a complete service to ensure our products reach you by land, sea or air. We are able to supply the highest

quality Oysters 365 days a year by selecting species which spawn in different months from different parts of the country and prepare them for overnight international air freight.

Our Seafood comes from all States of Australia and we have close and trusted relationships with Growers, Processors and Freight Forwarders and we specialise in Oysters which include:

• Pacific Oyster - Crassostrea gigas sp.
• Sydney Rock Oyster - Saccostrea glomerata sp.
• Angasi (flat) Oyster - Ostrea angasi

In addition to Oysters we are able to supply the following seafood products fresh to any international port:

• Pacific Oysters - Crassostrea gigas

• Aussie Black and Boston Bay Mussels - Mytilus galloprovincialis
• Wide Variety of Aussie Prawns - Melicertus latisulcatus
• Baby Octopus - Berrima
• Southern Bluefin Tuna - Thunnus Maccoyii

• Eastern & Southern Australian Rock Lobster - Jasus edwardsii

• Bight Redfish - Centroberyx gerrardi

• Yellowtail Kingfish - Seriola lalandi or Hiramasa

• Ocean Jacket - Nelusetta ayraudi

Our Poultry products include the following popular products: Chicken Paws, Feet, Wings and Breast, fresh and frozen in hygienic packaging ready for international delivery to your port.

• Chicken Paws

• Feet

• Wings

• Breast

Our Meat Products include:

• Australian Beef - Halal is required
• High Quality Lamb - Halal if required
• Pork & Bacon Products

We also specialise in Australian Wild Game Meat:

• Kangaroo Fillets & Meat

• Australian Venison
• Wild Boar
• Wallaby

• Emu
• Rabbit
• Possum
• Goat - Halal

• Crocodile

• Camel - Halal
• Australian Water Buffalo
• Duck
• Quail, Spatchcock, Partridge, Squab

All food producers and their products that we represent undergo the most stringent and certified hygiene, handling, processing and export procedures overseen by the Australian and US Governments that operate the most highly regulated food processing laws in the world.