By Becoming A Trading Member And Partner On Our Journey, We Will Assist You To Increase Your Sales!

"Our Trading Club Becomes Your New Customer"

We Also Export and Drop Ship Products

They say that before you can teach, you need to have done!

We still very much maintain our export and drop shipping skills by servicing our retail and "mom & dad" customers in Asia and the Sub-continent, especially China where Infant Formula has had commercial issues since 2008 to which we took up the challenge firstly with our e-commerce and mobile payment systems and then more formally as a trading group since 2012. From this time we incorporated Hop2it Limited in 2013 to focus on the developing Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean markets as "locals in Asia".

“For More Information On Our Dairy Sales, Export and Drop Shipping Capability Go To Our Web Site Below"  

What Will Becoming A Trading Partner Do For Your Business?

We invite you to spend a very small part of your current advertising budget and become a Trading Partner within our Buying Club. As you have read on this site, we have significant experience and many additional sales and marketing skills we can bring to the collective success of your company doing business in the new emerging Free Trading Agreement countries.

The Founders and Management of our company have many years of Guest Speaking in Asia to Direct Sales and Group Marketing organisations interested in developing new markets utilising the latest sales techniques and importantly ensuring payment from difficult financial borders. As a Trading Member you will be able to leverage on our Team's collective ability to present your business, protect and authenticate your brand, ensure you get paid and open up new markets in FTA countries where retailers and end users are seeking your products.

Join and List your company and set up your Account to start the Free Trading  journey.

We will build your business Profile your business to our Retail Buyers and End Users.

As part of our service we conduct international Searches and assist you to Brand protect.

Without Brand authentication, many markets will not accept products as being real.

Evaluate your levels of production against traditional Export methods and prospective Orders.

Evaluate you e-commerce ability to Drop Ship in-house or via our facilities and technology.

As a Trading Partner, we are a Buyer to you and a Sales and Marketing Agency.

Our Fees are great value, a small percentage of your Advertising Budget and tax deductible.

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What Do We Sell?

Dairy Products - From Australia and the USA

Australia, New Zealand and the USA produces some of the highest quality dairy products in the world. With strict government controls over production, manufacture, distribution and export, matched with unsurpassed farmland and agricultural science and methodology, the Milk Products we can supply are guaranteed to be of the highest quality available. The Infant Formula and Milk Products we offer in most part for export, come from one of Australia’s leading Milk Formula Producers. The production Dairy Plant is set in rural Victoria, one of Australia’s most famous dairy regions, with a history of over 120 years of dairy farming and production in such a commercially young country as Australia.

The production dairy farm and factory not only complies with, but surpasses Australian and international dairy regulations and standards. All equipment and machinery is of the highest standards, and the manufacturing plant is certified by AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services), Dairy Food Safety Victoria, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HALAL.